My Happiness Comes With a Price....

I know most people won't read my page and just judge by what they see, but this is to that 10% that actually will.Hello everyone. Im Danni& im pretty Different:l, I'm 18
years old, birthday is November 18th.Im Native/Mexican/White . I'm so complex n u wouldn't understand. Writing in here isn't going to tell you who i am you're gonna decide that for yourself. &i know who i am. but ill give ya a lil taste..lol..I love religious and political debates.i have a hard past that i been trying to forget.I keep going through changes in all areas of my life.I'm realizing the good and bad friends i have and only keeping the real ones.I constantly move&& I live on my own , Im just taking life one day at a time but i VERY focused on the future. And thats when I AM going to have stability in my life.im very independent. i hate asking for help, i rather do everything by self teaching myself and most of the time, i do that.I do have goals in life and I work hard to get to where I want to be. Im self-motivated. I have a mind of my own& I'm not afraid to speak it.&I do things out of my own desire, not to please someone else.I also Enjoy being with a person who can make me laugh.Im forgiving and people take advantage of that.dont ever be afraid to talk to me about anything i give good advice and ill be here for you when you need me...just message me :]